Terens Puhiri Stay with Borneo FC until 2021

Terens Puhiri Stay with Borneo FC until 2021

Winger Borneo FC, Terens Puhiri, is currently the target of many clubs, both from Indonesia and abroad Fansbetting99.com. However, Terens is not tempted because he is still under contract with Borneo FC until the year 2021.

The name of Terens bounced after showing spectacular action to break down the Mitra Kukar goal in League 1 follow-up. The goal became viral so that his name was famous all over the world.

Some Thai clubs are said to be after him. There is also the request of Besiktas fans, who flooded the comment column Instagram Borneo FC, in the hope Terens join the Turkish giant club.

Borneo FC manager, Farid Abubakar, said that Terens is included in the club’s future assets. Together with several other star players, Terens has since been contracted with long-term duration by the management of Elang Borneo’s nicknamed Club.

“Some players do have a long-term contract, Terens Puhiri until 2021. Sultan Samma, Muhammad Ridho and some other players (contract up) next season,” said Farid.

He said that from the beginning Borneo FC did prepare the team for long-term program. Therefore, some players who have great potential directly disodori contract with a duration of more than one season.

In addition to Terens, Sultan and Ridho, Farid mentions that menajamen will also give long-term contracts to several other players. However, this will only be discussed when the League 1 2017 season is over.

Currently, according to Farid, all Borneo FC teams focus on completing the remaining three League 1 games.

“The addition of other players to long contracts may be discussed after the competition is over because we are currently focusing on the rest of the competition, which we will most likely maintain by extending their contracts,” Farid said.